What Clients Say

Debs came highly recommended and at our first session I felt she was the ‘right one’. It was a relief to open up to someone without worrying about how they felt! She listened and let me unload years of stuff that I didn’t even know was in there. Sometimes using only a few well-chosen words she made me think about things in a different way, I thought everything was my fault but it wasn’t.
During a period of severe anxiety, something which I had never experienced before, I attended sessions with Debs. Debs assessed my mental health and then brought the menopause into our sessions. Not having suffered from any major physical symptoms I had not considered this and no one had suggested that the menopause could be responsible for how I was now feeling. If it hadn’t been for Debs I would not have considered treating the menopause to help with my mental state. I have since started HRT and my thoughts, confidence and decision making are improved.
Before I began my journey with Debs I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what it was. I would build up a good life then completely destroy it. I was in a constant cycle of feel bad-drink-cause problems for myself- regret everything-repeat. Debs showed me that regardless of what was happening around me it was ultimately me that was making myself unhappy. This was massive for me! I was causing my own misery. Through a lot of hard work, tears and revelations I have gone from a near alcoholic saboteur who was clinging to life in child mode, to a confident woman with great prospects and genuinely content. I cannot thank Debs enough, she pulled me out of the dark and thrust me into the light.
The sessions with Deb have been life changing. I have become much more confident and have learned the importance of speaking positively and the impact that this has on your daily life. I understand that I do not have to allow other people’s behaviour to affect me negatively as this is only my perception and not a personal attack. I have been able to make big decisions without feeling as much anxiety as I previously did, and I have let go of past events.
Seeing Debs was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I first met Debs when I was at a very low point in my life dealing with self destructive behaviour, grief & more, I was very nervous about asking for help & taking that first step but she made me feel really comfortable and at ease. Debs helped me more than she will ever know. She made me see things in a completely different light & still use the techniques & inspiration that she gave me. This is not just a job to her, she truly cares about you and wants to help improve your life completely. I know that if I am ever struggling Debs will be there for me. She is a beautiful & genuine soul.
Debs kind and thoughtful approach to our sessions provided the time and space for me to think without distraction, gentle questions helped provide a clarity and calmness to my thinking whilst finding my own solutions where apparently there we none. Debs non-judgmental and completely confidential sessions supported my move away from negative thought processes to a more positive position and to make the changes I needed to be in a place of genuine well being.